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Enrich Your Color, Energize Our World.         ----Amitychem

XIAMEN AMITY INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO., LTD.(Hereinafter referred to as Amitychem, which is trademark of XIAMEN AMITY INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO., LTD.) was formed in 2007 as an alternative to the major suppliers in the chemical industry so customers could receive  quality as well as competitive costs.From the beginning, Amitychem offered fine intermediate and specialty chemicals.


In 2011, Amitychem started to specialize in fine intermediate chemicals.This greatly enhanced the product variety of Amitychem so it could serve many additional industries.


In 2015, Amitychem invested into petroleum industry, tried the field of petroleum chemicals and rapidly succeeded.


In 2019, Amitychem has been specializing in the surface finishing field , with continuous efforts on researching, developing, manufacturing, and serving on electroplating intermediates & additives, fine chemicals and surfactants and so on. Amitychem is bringing high quality products and service to customers.


Until now, Amitychem offers a full line of products to fit the needs of todays  highly responsive market whether that be for fine intermediates, biocides, cosmetics, inks, dyes, coatings, plastic resins, petroleum products, electroplating, etc.


Amitychem has their own plant, R&D lab, office and warehouse in China, bringing the most competitive price, the fastest delivery and the highest quality chemicals. In addition, Amitychem has individuals with years of sourcing experience who have visited the manufacturing facilities throughout the world.


We have established network and cooperation with several national renowned universities in research and development.


Amitychem continues to excel in management, technology, innovation, quality and service. We are always your best business partner and will continue to pursue excellence to support your business growth. Your success is our goal!

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